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25 Jun Why is Air Jordan so attractive?
John 0 22
Speaking of AJ, it can be regarded as a rebel in basketball shoes. The early NBA stipulated that players were prohibited from wearing colored sneakers other than black and white during the game, and J..
08 Jun The Best Selling Air Jordan 6 Hare basketball shoes you deserve.
John 0 33
Air Jordan 6 Bugs Bunny will be re-enacted in 2020. I am really amazing in appearance. I originally liked Air Jordan 7 Bugs Bunny very much. The aj6 released this time is like twin brothers. The shoe ..
28 May Air Jordan 20~Air Jordan 23.Air Jordan Sneakers Series, What Are The Classic Jordan Sneakers?
John 0 23
Air Jordan 20 Twenty years is just a moment in a long history, and it is also a long time that can make Maxim Vengerov go through the hard work from entering the Moscow Conservatory at the age of 7 to..
19 May Air Jordan 17~Air Jordan 19.Air Jordan Sneakers Series, What Are The Classic Jordan Sneakers?
John 0 29
Air Jordan 17 was born in February 2002. Jordan once again played an important role in its design process-he knew he would wear this sneaker on the court to continue to fight, so he deliberately creat..
13 May What Jordans Are Coming Out 2021?Air Jordan 14 ~ Air Jordan 16 Jordan Sneakers Factory Outlet.
John 0 32
Cheap Air Jordan 14On June 14, 1998, Utah, Game 6 of the 1997-98 NBA Finals. At this time, the defending champion Chicago Bulls scored 3 to 2 against the Utah Jazz, and the Bulls could win one more ga..
24 Apr Air Jordan 11~Air Jordan 13.Air Jordan Sneakers Series, What Are The Classic Jordan Sneakers?
John 0 35
Best Selling Air Jordan 11 Air Jordan 11 was launched in November 1995. It was Jordan's boots for the 95-96 season. Air Jordan 11 is not only the best in the Jordan series, it has a profound impa..
15 Apr Air Jordan Sneakers Series, What Are The Classic Shoes? Air Jordan 1~Air Jordan 10.
John 0 31
The Beginning Of The Classic AJ1 Jordan Sneakers Introduced in 1984, Nike's first pair of sneakers named after Jordan, the side of the shoe still retains the Nike hook logo, which is the only ..
08 Mar Classic first year low help! North Carolina Air Jordan 1 Low Jordan Sneakers
John 0 38
As the iconic color scheme of Jordan University's alma mater, North Carolina Blue is also the most prominent color in the Air Jordan series!Continuing the classic low-top shoe type, not only the visua..
06 Mar Combine two OG color schemes! This pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid is very popular!
John 0 49
With the popularity of Air Jordan 1, the same series of affordable shoes Air Jordan 1 Mid has also become a starting choice for many shoe fans.In the past year, Jordan Brand not only brought a lot of ..
05 Mar Air Jordan 1 Mid “Crimson Tint”,High-value color matching for men and women!
John 0 40
The new product of the mid-tier Air Jordan 1 Mid is much stronger than the OG Air Jordan 1, and each pair of colors has a good appearance!A pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid "Crimson Tint" with the main theme ..
04 Mar These more than a dozen pairs of AJ1 are dazzling! Which one would you choose?
John 0 37
The popularity of Air Jordan 1 is obvious to all, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, it is a very popular choice to wear.With so many double AJ1s, which one do you prefer?There are the c..
03 Mar Air Jordan 1 Satin WMNS
John 0 52
The Air Jordan 1 Satin "Black Toe" in front of us brings a pure black toe dress that is overwhelmingly popular, but the red upper is presented with an upgraded material, coupled with the metallic fl..
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