1. The biggest difference between the heels, in fact, AIR JORDAN 1 MID is not much lower than AIR JORDAN 1 HIGH. Every part of the heels of HIGH is a little bit higher than MID, and the whole itself is slightly higher.


2. Air Jordan 1s There is basically no difference in the toe cap, there is such a tiny difference.


3. The upper leather. The Jordan 1s HIGH OG leather that was re-engraved this time looks very fragile. It "seems" it is such a thin layer. It doesn't feel as strong as the jordan 1 MID. The Cheap Jordan 1 MID pair is very strong; AJ1 is called Fold No. 1. It is estimated that the wrinkles after the upper foot will be more serious than the average AJ1


4, the corner treatment of the leather, the biggest difference between the two pairs, the Jordan 1s HIGH OG treatment is obviously rougher, I don’t know if it is the pursuit of the original flavor of the re-engraving, and the MID except the hook area, all other places have been edged After processing, the corners appear to be smoother, and all corners of Air Jordan 1 HIGH OG are not processed.


5, the comparison of the edging situation Air Jordan 1 Shoes.


6. The tongue of the shoe, it is easy to see that Air Jordan HIGH OG is fabric, and Jordan 1s MID is leather.


7. I mentioned above that there is almost no difference between the toe caps, but I still see a little bit of nuance, that is, the turning arc of Air Jordan 1 HIGH OG is a little sharper and narrower, while Jordan 1s MID is a little wider and a little bit smaller, of course very small Difference


8. The inner position of the shoe, the Cheap Jordan 1 HIGH OG fabric is relatively rubbing the hands, and the AJ1 MID is relatively smooth. I don’t know if the heels of the OG will be full of hairballs after getting on the feet.


9. Logo, two Jordan 1 Shoes logos with different meanings


10. Detailed explanation of leather, AJ1 Retro HIGH OG is the first layer of cowhide, Jordan 1 Shoes MID is the first layer of cowhide mixed with artificial leather.


11, So far, Air Jordan 1 Shoes there seems to be no difference at all.


In summary, in terms of shoes and shoes, AIR JORDAN 1 MID is still very good, and it is not much different from AIR JORDAN 1 HIGH OG. Now there are many MIDs with different fabrics to choose from, which are more suitable for daily wear. The choice is very large and beautiful. The advantage of AIR JORDAN 1 OG is that it has the meaning of collection and various meanings.