Air Jordan 6 Bugs Bunny will be re-enacted in 2020. I am really amazing in appearance. I originally liked Air Jordan 7 Bugs Bunny very much. The aj6 released this time is like twin brothers. The shoe box is also a carrot. The pores of the shoe filled with sincerity have a reflective effect. The sole discards the crystal outsole, which has better storage in terms of oxidation. The shoelace buckle is made of green and yellow. It pays tribute to Bugs Bunny's carrot. Details Abundant, reasonable price, must enter the series.

Nike, you finally have a conscience again. Isn't this a good pair of shoes!? Isn't the price lower than the original price exactly what everyone wants?

Unpacking the aj6 Bugs Bunny: The shoe tongue uses the same color graffiti design of the AirJordan7,Air Jordan 6 Hare and it is hidden under the transparent rubber tongue. The innovative insole and lining are also dressed in the same color graffiti, which hides surprises. Different from other conventional color schemes, various details are used in various color embellishments.AJ6 Hare Brings a strong cartoon texture, very attractive, the shoelace buckle is made of green + orange that looks like a carrot, heel and sole.

Sale background: The Bugs Bunny color scheme is already a very classic color scheme.Air Jordan 6 Hare It has also been used on the 6th and 7th generations of AJ. The most impressive thing is that the details of the re-engraving of AJ6 this time are slightly different.

Color matching analysis: The main color of Bugs Bunny adopts red and white uppers and gray with insoles, shoe buckles, etc,Cheap Air Jordan 6 Hare using green, yellow, purple and other colors to embellish the color gradient of the tongue. The material uses lychee leather + grain leather + nubuck leather, which is a relatively good specification.

Price analysis: This AJ6 Bugs Bunny belongs to a large-volume color scheme. Although there are many people who are ready to start,Air Jordan 6 Hare it should be at the original price. The price can refer to the Rukawa maple white and red that was released a few days ago. Recently,Jordan 6 Sneakers the price of sneakers has picked up. I personally think that it will be lower than the original price and will not appear in the short term