• The Beginning Of The Classic AJ1 Jordan Sneakers

Introduced in 1984, Nike's first pair of sneakers named after Jordan, the side of the shoe still retains the Nike hook logo, which is the only pair of Jordan shoes with the Nike hook logo on the side. The key technology of the Jordan 1 generation is the built-in air cushion unit, the upper is made of leather stitched, and the outsole of hard rubber.
Although this shoe seems to be too simple now, but the special meaning it contains is the most profound of all Jordan shoes. It marked the beginning of an era of flying people and the birth of a brand myth. Jordan and Nike signed a five-year 2.5 million dollar contract that year, creating the first sky-high price for a professional athlete sponsorship contract.
Its special style is red and black. It was once banned by the NBA from wearing it during the game. The reason was: "The color is too fancy, it should be added a little white!" Who would have thought that this ban was the NBA's ban, which became Nike's best advertisement. , Everyone is proud of having a pair of NBA-banned sneakers, Jordan 1 has set off a panic buying frenzy in the market.

In the 1994-95 season, Jordan wore this red and black Jordan 1 in the away game against the New York Knicks. In the same year, Nike launched the Jordan 1 reissue. Last year, the Jordan 1 red and black reissue limited edition The version was launched in China and once again set off a frenzy among Jordan fans. For collectors, this is an entry-level Jordan shoe and a must-have one.
The Jordan generation accompanied Jordan to win a lot of money in the NBA. In his first year in the NBA, Jordan scored an average of 28.3 points per game, and his total score was the highest in the season-2313 points. Jordan won the title of "Rookie of the Year" for this performance, bringing Jordan generation to him. His outstanding performance in the NBA extends to the NIKE stage. I remember that some blacks at that time did not hesitate to kill and rob in order to get a pair of Jordan generations, and its charm is evident from this.
The AJ1 feels as hard as a brick when worn, and many people wondered whether it has an air cushion. The AJ1 was designed based on the AF1. The built-in air cushion of the AF1 was all the rage at the time. At that time, Jordan's requirement for his first pair of signature shoes was to retain the air cushion, while reducing the thickness of the midsole and increasing the touch to the ground, so the foot feels partial. hard. AJ1 only has a sole sole. The picture is as above (the three versions of AJ1's high, middle and low cuts all have air cushions. These are retained in various re-enactments, but then, there is no reduction in sole after a small area.)

  • Once Legend-AJ2

Jordan 2 is the most precious model in the Jordan series. It was designed by brucekilgore and produced in Italy. It has a fashionable appearance and surpasses the traditional basketball shoe design concept. The side of the shoe retains the logo of two trapeze wings. This is the only style in the Jordan series that does not have a black color scheme. It is said that the second generation of black Jordan had been designed at that time, and sample shoes were produced, but it was not produced in the end.
Due to injuries, Jordan only played 18 games in the 1985-86 season and suffered an ankle injury and missed the next 64 games. Jordan returned from injury in March 1986. The 1985-86 season was the most incomplete season in Jordan's career. The second generation of Jordan was given a special meaning and became precious for this reason. On April 20, 1986, Jordan was injured and returned to the first round of the playoffs. In the battle against the Boston Celtics,

Jordan set a record of 63 points in playoff history. In the season from 86 to 87, Jordan wore Jordan 2 to create an astonishing scoring record-averaging 37.1 points per game, and won the NBA scoring title with this result.
The second generation of Jordan removed the Nike hook-shaped logo that Nike sports shoes have always had, and adopted the French design concept, which is characterized by a simple design concept. In addition, it produced for the first time both high-top and low-top basketball shoes of the same style, which were also retained as a tradition of the Jordan series. In the 1986-87 season, Jordan continued to wear Jordan 2 generations, this year he won the slam dunk contest. In that season, Jordan scored a total of 3,041 points, the third highest score in a single season in NBA history. At the same time, with an average of 37.1 points per game, he won the league's "Scoring King" title for the first time.
In the first year of the AJ2, only the back palm sole was used, but since then, both versions of the high and low help re-enacted use 3/4 palm sole, which is an interesting phenomenon.


The Jordan 3 generation launched by Nike in 1988 took an epoch-making step in the Jordan series. He became the first pair of Jordan shoes equipped with exposed air cushions. At the same time, he was also the first pair of Jordan shoes to use the trapeze logo. The villain who dunks with both legs and one hand has become the icon of Jordan brand.

Jordan 3 generation of Jordan is arguably the most popular Jordan shoe. Nike also filmed the first commercial for this model. The film was directed by Spike Lee, a famous black guide. From then on, Nike's advertising myth was born. Jordan wore these shoes and won the first most valuable player award of his career. The Jordan 3 replica was launched in 1997, and then it was sold out by Jordan fans. Then Nike launched the black and white versions again, which caused a sensation in the market again. Many active players wore this Jordan generation to play games.

AJ3's first use of the midsole configuration of the front and rear soles, NIKE's promotion can be said to spare no effort, whether it is in the card in the shoe box or on the various T-shirt patterns, there are introductions about its midsole.
AJ3 uses the AirMAX air cushion used in jogging shoes to take into account a high degree of shock absorption and stability. The shape is changed to a three-quarters design, which helps Jordan to exert amazing flexibility and speed. It became Jordan. The best weapon. In the tongue part, the human figure design based on Jordan's body-to-basket action was adopted for the first time. The upper is sewn from a whole piece of leather, and folds are added to the heel part, and there is also the NIKE-AIR logo on the heel.
In the 1987-88 season, Jordan won the regular season MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and was selected to the NBA All-Defensive First Team for the first time with an average of 35 points per game. Also elected as the MVP in the All-Star Game, and won the slam dunk contest again. Jordan's achievements that year were impressive, of course, making Jordan 3rd generation very popular in the market.

  • Air Jordan 4

Jordan 4 has some shadows of Jordan 3 in its design. The difference is that two new attempts have been added. For the first time, a combination of leather and nylon mesh was used on the upper. This design was very popular at the time. The main purpose was to reduce the weight of the shoe and improve the comfort of wearing. Of course, the following is a poor net support effect. To make up for this, this shoe adds a fixing device extending from the upper to the upper, which is connected to the shoelace. The 4th generation still uses an air cushion with an exposed back palm, with a medium capacity, which was already the best shockproof air cushion at the time.
The fourth generation of Jordan uses urabuck, a high-durability material inside the shoe. In order to improve its breathability, the designer used a mesh material on the upper, coupled with the obvious NIKE-AIR patented air cushion, making the three-quarters style more evolved. The most worth mentioning is that using all black as the main design of the sports shoes has changed the design concept of basketball shoes. At the same time, Jordan has won the title of scoring champion for three consecutive years and won the IBMAward for the most contribution to the team.

  • Air Jordan 5

In the early works of the Jordan series, the Jordan 5 is considered to be the most beautiful in appearance. The smooth shoe shape, the high top and the radioactive arc extending from the sole, plus the No. 23 on the back make up the Jordan 5. The unusual appearance of the generation.
Corresponding to the shape, the inherent technological content of this shoe has also been greatly improved. In order to promote lightweight sports shoes, NIKE uses mesh cloth on the side of the shoe instead of leather. In addition, an air cushion was added to the forefoot bending groove for the first time to increase its flexibility. In addition, NIKE has increased the thickness of the midsole, and the outsole uses translucent cushioning rubber to increase the grip effect. The upper still uses a part of the mesh design, which is closer to the sole than the Jordan 4, and the material is stronger, reducing the impact on the side support. This pair of eye-catching high-tech sneakers has become a strong pillar for Jordan, who has won the title of scoring champion for four consecutive years. The 5th generation of Jordan once again set off a buying climax for Jordan shoes. Fans in most regions lined up the night before the sale. The 5th generation of Jordan not only caused a strong response in North America such as the United States and Canada, but also caused a sensation in Asia, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, and became a collection of Jordan fans.

  • Air Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6 generation of Jordan, launched in 1990, is unique because of the Chicago Bulls' first championship in the 90-91 season.
Jordan 6 generation first put forward the concept of rubber shoelace elastic buckle in the design, it can easily fasten the shoelace, and also plays a very good decorative role.
The semi-transparent rubber sole, which was advanced at the time, was also used on the sole to increase the gripping ability of the sole. The trapeze logo appeared in 3 places on the 6th generation, on the tongue of the sole and the heel of the shoe. In terms of appearance, it pays more attention to the comfort of sports shoes such as bare feet, and adopts a shell-style shoe body design to wrap the entire foot, making it show excellent fit. Furthermore, excluding the excess part of the toes is in line with the feeling of wrapping that Jordan requires.
If you look closely at the shape of this pair of shoes, you will find the word 23 hidden on the shoe body, 2 is the large pattern composed of the support strips on the side of the upper, and 3 is the bottom pattern on the outside of the sole. In 2000, Nike launched the Olympic version of Jordan 6th. For the first time, the color of this shoe was mainly blue, and the trapeze logo became red. Because it is an Olympic special edition, the price of this shoe is as high as 399 US dollars, and it has now become a boutique for fans.
In this year, Jordan not only helped the Bulls win the NBA championship, but also won the MVP performance in the regular season and finals. He also won the title of scoring champion for five consecutive years, which is really powerful.
In the 1990-1991 season, Jordan averaged 31.5 points per game and won the regular season MVP. Under the leadership of Jordan, the Bulls reached the NBA Finals in one fell swoop and defeated the Lakers led by "Magic" Johnson 4-1. Jordan himself was named the MVP of the Finals. This was the first championship that Jordan led the Bulls to win, and the Bulls dynasty began.

  • Air Jordan 7

Air Jordan 7 generation of Jordan was launched at the end of 1991 and was Jordan's boot for the 1991-92 season. Because Jordan wore this Jordan 7 generation to win the championship at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, so Jordan 7th generation also has its unique value in the Jordan series.
The appearance of Jordan's 7 generation is somewhat similar to that of the 6th generation, and the biggest feature is that it has a lot of colors. The number 23 is on the heel, and the sole is composed of a variety of geometric figures. The trapeze logo on the side of the shoe adds a lot of color to the whole shoe. Jordan 7 generation advertising is still led by black director Spark Lee, who has directed and starred in Jordan shoes advertising since Jordan 4th generation.
Nike's special commemorative model for Jordan at the Barcelona Olympics is the most worthy of fan collection. It adopts the white/blue/red/gold color matching of the dream team uniform, and the number 23 on the heel is changed to Jordan's dream team. The number 9, the flying man on the side and the word JORDAN on the tongue are all charming gold.
1991-1992 averaged 30.1 points per game, won the regular season MVP and finals MVP for the second consecutive year, becoming the first person in history.

  • Air Jordan 8

Nike's AJ8 launched in February 1993 embodies the design philosophy of focusing on technology at that time. AJ8 has made a major breakthrough in appearance, the most prominent is the cross-over buckle design of the vamp, which strengthens the stability of the vamp. The midsole absorbs the design ideas of running shoes, greatly reduces the rubber material, and reduces the weight of the shoes. The tongue uses a towel material and a trapeze logo. The abstract painting patterns on the side of the heel and the middle of the sole add artistic color to the AJ8.
AJ8 has both fit and support. It uses a cross-lace fixing system and AirHuarache elastic insole to wrap the foot, showing unprecedented fit. In the configuration of the outsole, it is separated from the left and right, and the central part is boldly hollowed out to achieve the goal of lightweight.
It allowed Jordan to lead the scoring for seven consecutive years, and the NBA's dream of three in a row was also realized. Jordan set an astonishing new record of 41 points per game in the final.
However, after Jordan won three consecutive championships this year, he suddenly announced his retirement. Many fans thought that Jordan would never return to the game, so they believed that the AJ8 was the last one worn by Jordan on the field. Therefore, Jordan 8 also created it. Nike’s sales record in 1993. AJ8 is the last shoe launched before Jordan's first retirement, so it has a special meaning in the Jordan series.
In the 1992-1993 season, Jordan averaged 32.6 points per game, tying Chamberlain's record of winning 7 consecutive points. He scored his 20,000th career point this season, becoming the second fastest player to set this record. On June 20, 1993, Jordan led the Bulls to defeat the Phoenix Suns 4-2 in the finals, setting the Bulls’ first three consecutive championships. Jordan averaged 41.0 points per game in the finals, setting a record for the highest scoring in the finals. Jordan was also undisputedly elected as the MVP of the Finals that year, which made him the first player in history to win the MVP of the Finals for three consecutive years.

  • Air Jordan 9

When Jordan announced his retirement in 1994, people had such a question, will the Jordan series continue? In fact, Nike launched this unique and creative Air Jordan 9 as scheduled, as if they foresee Jordan will return to the game.
Jordan left the NBA arena, making AJ9 the first shoe in the Jordan series that Jordan did not wear in the NBA arena. The designer of Air Jordan 9 deeply understands what Jordan means to the entire basketball world and basketball fans all over the world. The shadow of the globalization of basketball can be seen on Air Jordan 9. Jordan is not only a hero that Americans admire, but also makes people all over the world fascinated by his superb skills.
The trapeze logo on the heel is placed with the earth for the first time, symbolizing the trapeze flying on the entire earth. The patterns on the soles express the meaning of the world in English, Chinese and Japanese respectively. 23 appeared twice on the soles and heels, and the trapeze logo was spread all over the body.
Air Jordan 9 is designed to allow people to remember Jordan’s flying figure even when they can’t see Jordan. The overall shape is relatively simple, and there is not much innovation in technology. It still has a built-in air cushion and a prominent edge of the forefoot. The part is used to increase stability, and the outsole composed of various allegorical patterns brings poor grip. However, the designer compensated in terms of comfort. The upper ankles and round laces brought comfort and safety to Jordan's feet.
In the days when Jordan left the NBA, he went to the professional baseball league to find his feelings. At that time, his jersey number was No. 45. Nike specially launched the Air Jordan 9 baseball style for him, and issued a limited edition of 45 pairs of Air Jordans with 45. 9 Baseball style, it is estimated that this pair of shoes has become a sky-high price.
Although the Air Jordan 9 is the only pair of Jordan shoes he has not worn on the court, many NBA players wear these shoes, especially when Nike launched a reissue of Jordan in 2001, including Michael Finley, Many Jordan brand signing stars, including Derek Anderson and Richard Hamilton, wear this shoe. Jordan himself also wears the Air Jordan 9 grey remake this season, which is a round of fans’ expectations of Air Jordan. 9 Follow Jordan's dream of conquering the NBA.

  • Air Jordan 10

"I’m Back" Jordan returned to the game after 17 months. This makes Jordan fans all over the world seem to see the hope of life. Shortly after Nike launched the latest Air Jordan 10 in 1995, the great Michael Jordan returned to the embrace of the NBA and continued to write about his miraculous and brilliant experience. Before Jordan's comeback, Nike's first Jordan 10th generation had only 3 colors, white/gray, black and white/sky blue. Nike immediately launched 5 urban limited models after Jordan's comeback.
The launch of Air Jordan 10 also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Jordan series and also marks the birth of a sports brand myth. There is no player endorsement series in history that can last that long. The most special part of Air Jordan 10 is its sole, which records Jordan's honor and special experience during the 10 years from 85 to 94. Let people once again stand in awe of the flying man.
From the Air Jordan 10, we can now have some shadows of sneakers. 1995 was a new peak in the design concept of sneakers. The Air Jordan 10 looks more concise. You can't even find any Jordan and Nike logos on the upper. The logo only appears on the sole and heel, and they are all reduced. This reflects the chic and elegant style pursued by the designer, and also represents Jordan’s distinctive temperament. Technically, it still uses a built-in air cushion, and the shoelace buckle uses an elastic band. In the design, the shoelace is still round, and the heel is added with a ring for lifting shoes. It can be seen in the small links that the designer is indeed original. In addition to Jordan, Pippen and many other stars have worn this shoe.
With the memorable Jordan ten generations debut, Jordan returned to the NBA. Jordan's tenth generation midsole uses ultra-lightweight phylon material, allowing Jordan's physical performance to its limit. On the outside of the sole, Jordan’s brilliant record of 10 years in the NBA court is recorded. In the United States, Jordan 10 is listed in urban-limited colors, with a total of 5 colors on the market, of which all black with red and white styles are the most popular.
On March 19, 1995, Jordan returned to the NBA arena and once again put on the Bulls jersey. This time Jordan wore the No. 45 jersey, which he used in a high school game. Jordan made 7 of 28 shots, scored 19 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. The Bulls lost 96-103 to the Pacers in overtime.