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On June 14, 1998, Utah, Game 6 of the 1997-98 NBA Finals. At this time, the defending champion Chicago Bulls scored 3 to 2 against the Utah Jazz, and the Bulls could win one more game. The sixth championship in the history of the team, completing the second three consecutive championships. However, the Jazz, with their tenacious style, told people that they are no longer spectators of the championship trophy. 11.3 seconds before the end of the good game, the Jazz still lead by one point 85 to 86. As Jordan dribbled the ball, accelerated, suddenly stopped swaying Russell, jumper... the time was fixed at 5.2 seconds before the end, and it was fixed at the feet of this giant standing on top of the NBA——AIR-JORDAN-XIV

(The front and rear zoom is separated. In the first year of the AJ14, the forefoot uses a 4-chamber ZOOM, but the subsequent re-enactments are all changed to forefoot fan-shaped zoom)

Jordan shoes designers inspired design inspiration through multiple design sketches. However, this time the inspiration came from Jordan's big toy-his Ferrari sports car. The design policy that inspired by real things as a blueprint has a profound influence on the design of subsequent generations. For Air Jordan 14, the logo this time follows the unified principle. The rounded Ferrari logo conforms to the aerodynamic curve , Good breathability, and Ferrari's iconic vents that excite fans and fans, not only provide good breathability and stability, but also make fans excited about its special appearance. This shoe is very rich in the choice of materials. The style changes according to different colors make such a variety of changes handy. The splicing and sewing technology enhances the wrapping and support of the upper.

PHYLON midsole, mature full palm built-in ZOOMAIR technology, reduces the height of the shoe, makes the sole closer to the ground, the performance of the cushioning system is better, the wear-resistant rubber outsole and the full palm herringbone pattern provide great The friction force greatly improves the grip.

The Air Jordan 14 is extremely fast, and the weight is also the lightest since Air Jordan 11. Perhaps it pays attention to speed and weight reduction, making every part of Air Jordan 14 appear thinner, resulting in a "fragile" nature. The metal-toed shoelace used for the first time is full of movement, demonstrating its noble status.

Interestingly, in the early days of its sales, people wondered why they should spend $150 on the shoes of a star who is about to retire. Air Jordan 14 is not as good as the previous Jordan shoes. But with the passage of time, the favor it received far exceeded people's imagination. It is the new favorite of collectors, the most flauntable equipment for young people, and the focus of attention on the court. All of this stems from its extraordinary design, stems from it belongs to Michael Jordan.

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In addition, to commemorate Jordan's retirement, many NBA stars wore this shoe in the 98-99 season, such as the Pacers' best pitcher Reggie Miller. This one is the Miller special shoes launched by Nike.
The Air Jordan 15 has a unique shape, and the color also uses an uncommon neutral color-gray, not the big black and red in the past. The shape of the tongue of the shoe is designed according to the habit of MICHAEL JORDAN who often sticks his tongue out, which reminds people of Jordan's long tongue that can never be put in the mouth. The tongue uses a seamless integrated shoe cover design, which opens forward. In terms of its shape, Jordan's fifteenth generation is also a rare classic.

However, the tongue design is too weird to make the whole shoe wrap up. It will make you feel that it is not very consistent with the foot during exercise. Even if the shoelaces are tied very tightly, there is still a feeling of "sloshing", which affects the ankle joint. The protection is also slightly insufficient, so the performance of the shoes is greatly reduced.

The widening design of the front and rear palms and the middle palm supporting tray bring better stability factors, and the design of the heel support frame allows the shoes to obtain more lateral support. The trapeze logo on the toe, the hidden lace system, and the full palm air cushion provide a good sense of comfort and excellent cushioning effect. The metal shoe lace head with the JUMPMAN logo, the lightweight PHYLON midsole, the hard-wearing hard rubber outsole, and the full-palm herringbone pattern are the elements that make up the Jordan 15.

The Air Jordan 15 continues to inspire inspiration based on real things. This time the "model" is a NASA supersonic experimental machine numbered "X15". Of course, the first impression people get when they see it is the uncharacteristic tongue. The inside of the shoe is very smooth and very comfortable to wear. For the first time, the rattan woven material was used as the material of the shoe upper, showing the difference. On the heel of the shoe, you can clearly see a row of numbers extending from the body of the shoe to the outsole. The number on the heel is 23, 6, 15, and the sole is a trapeze logo and 2·17.

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Later, Jordan 16 has two enhanced versions, one is AIR-JORDAN-16+ and AIR-JORDAN-16+qm. Both models have made some slight changes in appearance, omitting the patent leather part of the toe, making the lines of the whole pair of shoes more streamlined. And the magnetic sticker shoe cover of AIR-JORDAN-16+qm can be reversed. The shoe cover has 2 different colors inside and outside, which is equivalent to providing a new color choice. The 16+ is the shoe with the highest exposure rate in Jordan's training before the comeback and the season of the comeback. It also impresses people because of its eye-catching colors.
The design of the Air Jordan 16 is very detailed, and there are a few very creative, the designer can be said to be very troublesome for this. The first is the logo of Jordan in the midsole. If you look closely, the looming letters are made up of 16 pictures. In order to echo Jordan 16, this design thought it was a 3/4 window air cushion on the midsole at first glance. A layer of the same color is added to the forefoot part of the midsole. The overall feel is excellent. There is also the patent leather part on the tongue and the patent leather toe. The plastic logo on the toe cap is marked with Arabic numerals and plastic. The trapeze logos on the shoehorns all echo each other in a distance, creating an interesting contrast between each other.

The new design of the Air Jordan 16 brings a strong visual impact, and the excellent performance is the key to re-proving the level of the Jordan series. The upper made of mesh material and lambskin leather has better breathability and toughness. The clip design of the shoe mouth makes the shoe stick to the ankle and obtain an excellent wrapping feeling. The full-length carbon fiber tray is firm and stable. It has a good sense of speed and cushioning, while reducing the height of the shoe to a certain extent, making the upper closer to the ground and getting a better sense of space.

What is important is not just simple imitation and reference, but more bold innovation and continuation based on classic design. The most important thing is the new detachable magnetic shoe cover design (called JordanShround) and the new visible air cushion design. The ingenuity of the detachable insole design is not only that it provides different wearing options, but also gives him more room for use-removing the shoe cover reduces the weight of the Air Jordan 16 and increases the breathability and flexibility. , More suitable for the needs of playing. The Air Jordan 16 has a very strong overall sense, with a novel appearance and full of fashionable and avant-garde atmosphere. The Air Jordan 16 feels like an athlete who has just galloped on the field in a blink of an eye and put on a neat suit, shuttles between the office building-that is, Jordan himself.

 6 and Jordan 11 have used the same outsole.
Its first impression gives people the feeling of deja vu. The conspicuous patent leather head design originates from Air Jordan 11, and the air cushion and mesh material originate from Air Jordan 5. There are only 4 models 3, 4, 5, and 6 that have been used before. air cushion. The translucent outsole comes from Air Jordan 6, only in Jordan 5