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Real Experience Air Jordan 3 Shoes

Posted by admin 24/09/2016 0 Comment(s)


Air Jordan 3 White Cement was my first pair of AJ phase, although the life of the first pair of AJ is not it, but in October last year, I got his wish, and this pair of AJ on her own live frugally by save down, its meaning is self-evident.

Air Jordan 3 shoes makes me most happy, so today brought Air Jordan 3 section color appreciation diagram, I hope you will enjoy it.

First, let's look at AJ3 glorious history. AJ3 born in 1987, which features needless to say, is the large number of design line burst crack surface. AJ3 birth can be a chance, when the R & D AJ3 internal nike appeared some confusion, when the Air Jordan series, chief designer Peter - Moore and representatives of nike and signed Strasser suddenly announced his resignation, We decided to separate portal, create a file named - the company "Fan Gerlach", to create a brand belongs only to Michael Jordan. Strasser Jordan is a very respected person, and Pete Jordan design talent is appreciated at this time of nike guard, while Van - Jordan's contention battle between the company Gerlach and nike company, is the industry metaphor to "business World War III." If Air Jordan3 unable to achieve a breakthrough, does not exclude the possibility of a shot nike Jordan and two scattered. At this time, nike Hatfield appointed as AJ3 designer, Moore resigned before a telephone call to Hatfield, allowed as a design AJ3 task. Wit Field so the thought of Jordan himself together, he invited Jordan to participate in the development of shoes, to Jordan from a designer's point of view to the idea of ​​this shoe. Jordan made Air Jordan 3 may slightly lower the upper height, ensuring stability while lifting flexibility. Also in the development process, both of them a kind of imitation elephant skin material are interested, here is a classic Air Jordan AJ3 burst crack. When designing the finished product out of the hands of Jordan handed, the main fact laughed, his shoes This design was very satisfied, not long before,

And fame for AJ3, and needless to say, is the familiar free-throw line dunk. Upon completion of this in mind Fairy dunks, Jordan boots foot is AJ3 '88 OG, from the future of their favorite public view, AJ3 can be said to be the first to get rid of the identity of basketball shoes become fashion items Air Jordan sneakers!