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NIKE LeBron 13 Elite+Soldier 10 Reviews

Posted by admin 19/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

This was a miracle year. When the world thought that the Bulls' 72 wins and 10 losses were an insurmountable high wall, this year the Warriors were refreshed to 73-9. When the world thinks that the 1:3 finals are behind, it is impossible for someone to come up and the Cavaliers do it. James has reached the finals for six consecutive years, successfully revenge the Warriors, and once again crowned. The moment he saw him winning, his tears involuntarily flowed out. As Zambi honey once, James from "betrayed" Cleveland to return to his hometown. Successfully completed self-salvation and won a championship for the city. It has become a city hero again. Really gratifying, whether you are Zhan black James honey, I think the performance of the old Zhan this year, it is worth everyone's respect.

Well, go ahead and talk about today's two shoes. As James's playoffs, before the finals were basically wearing the LBJ 13 elite, to the finals looks like the LBJ13 elite did not bring good luck to the old Zhan, those who wear it are lost. Then decisively put on the latest Soldier 10, and then all the way to victory, and eventually won the championship. This kind of color matching similar to that of winning a championship naturally rises, and for the time being it is the most expensive one in the commercial version. It's also the most beautiful color I think of in a commercial color.

Let's talk about the LBJ13 Nike LeBron 13 elite. NIKE's treatment of James's shoes has never been reserved, especially the elite version, which is basically full of arms. When I first saw the shoes released, I liked it a lot. Compared to LBJ13, the elite version cut a lot of angular angles, and I personally don't really like that kind of tough design. I like the integrity of the overall, the details of the heart, good texture shoes. After getting the shoes, the texture of the shoes completely conquered me. The shoe upper abandoned the Hyperposite of Nike LeBron 13 LBJ13. The brand-new Kurim material was replaced with a stronger toughness. Without the heavy feeling of LBJ13, it is more light and fit. An integral structure is applied to the upper of the tongue. The Hexagonal Zoom+ carbon plate on the sole and the carbon plate also extend to the side of the shoe. Now that there are indeed many carbon shoes, this time is considered sincere. The color to buy is the starting color, big red, after all, can be considered the main color of the Cavaliers, but I personally prefer the blueish gray later, that pair of texture with a little better, but also a little wild.

Let's talk about Soldier10, which is the longest algebra shoe series outside James's shoes. The early design was also worn by James during the playoffs until the elite version appeared. James himself is also a favorite of this series, and Warrior 7 was once known as True LEBRON11. In addition to Soldier1,2,3. After the Warrior series I basically did not buy, why not, can only say that does not meet my aesthetic. This time the 10th generation, the appearance of a few LEBRON 20-5-5 shadow, it is one of my favorite shoes, so the 10th generation is my food, but also to win the boots, a lot of natural points. The overall design of the shoe is also an integrated design. There is no shoelace, but only three fasteners are used to fix the shoe body. The upper is a combination of three-layer foam and fabric uppers, a lot of air holes, the overall black shape, with a white midsole and crystal outsole, this classic match has already been very good, plus the ankle that circle of color fixed Bring the whole pair of shoes to a more beating color. However, it is worthwhile to point out that the sticking position has been extended to the sole of the shoe, and it is impossible for the fixing belt to stick to that position. After wearing it for a period of time, especially after being dusted, it will be very unsightly. Moreover, the end of the fixed strap will also often warp up. Since it cannot be completely adhered to, why not shorten the sticking position and use the material of the upper, this will not appear so abruptly, and the overall sense will be even better.

First of all, the Nike LeBron 13 LBJ13 elite is not a pair of shoes that are difficult to penetrate. The overall upper wrapping is very good. The lining materials on both sides of the ankle are made of two materials, very fit and comfortable. The position of the Achilles tendon is a V-shaped structure, with Kurim's upper, is also strong support, without losing flexibility. However, to achieve the greatest package of this shoe, we must tighten the shoelaces. But this kind of shoelace hole that is interspersed in the fly line and the Kurim vamp also has to tighten it and it does take some effort. And this kind of round shoelace is easy to loosen. I basically played the ball and got out several times. It really makes me feel pain. The soles are stepped on and the forefoot is slightly elevated. The Hexagonal Zoom feels quite noticeable. The foot feels great and soft but doesn't seem unsupported. But because of Hexagonal Zoom's reason, it seems a bit unstable at the end. After all, there is still a gap between the unit and the unit. The height of the contact surface between the feet and the ground will be different, and it will be unstable compared to other soles. the reason.