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Kobe 11 generation boots (ZK11 generation) evaluation

Posted by admin 08/04/2017 0 Comment(s)


Kobe Bryant 11 generation boots (ZK11 generation): Nike Bryant out of the 11th generation signature war boots, Bryant is also wearing the last generation of retired before wearing basketball shoes, with Kobe Bryant on the 14th retired, Bryant 11 generation boots are destined to become Fans discuss the focus of the following by the professional Sneaker body movement magnetic field to explain to you this generation of legendary boots in all aspects of it


1. Package: as a sub-bit of the exclusive boots, Kobe Bryant 11 on behalf of the boots in the package to do a very professional design, sports magnetic field so that several basketball enthusiasts conducted a combat test, got ZK11 on behalf of boots wrapped Pretty good reply, this can give five stars. Technical features: fly line design + hot melt structure, so that the weight of shoes lighter!


2. grip: the soles of the grip design, so Kobe Bryant 11 on behalf of the boots, with unparalleled grip, which is worth the shoes of this friend a good experience, but because of the shoe body design, ZK11 generation of their own feet Wrapped in the lack of protection, motion magnetic field to remind, in the experience at the same time, to protect the pace.


3. cushioning: As the air cushion is a zoom air cushion, so for the cushion is only divided into cement and wood flooring, after the movement of the magnetic field staff were tested in two sites: Kobe Bryant 11 generation boots completely adapted to the two venues for the game, But the concrete floor will wear on ZK11 larger.


4. Air permeability: fly line design + TPU, theoretically permeability, after the sports magnetic field staff test, if you are sweaty feet, you can spare two pairs of socks for the game.


5. Appearance: Bryant 11 generations of the overall shoe type, should be a good look, coupled with a different color, can be highly selective, it is worth starting a pair of combat boots.