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Evaluation of Nike Basketball Shoes KD 6

Posted by admin 12/04/2017 0 Comment(s)


Before to see a lot of questions on the evaluation of nike kd vi, but do not understand the meaning of "vi", and later learned that it is a Roman numerals, is the meaning of the Arabic numerals 6. As we all know, KD series has been a good reputation and excellent combat performance known. Now Nike KD series has been introduced to the 6th generation, and what is the characteristics of this pair of KD 6 in the end we wait and see, the following is the specific content of nikekd 6 evaluation, and look and cherish!


Nike KD 6 uppers using Flywire technology to enhance the technology, and KD 6 tongue and the upper side of the connection, the other side of the upper is extended to the opposite, so that will enhance the overall integrity of the shoes. After wearing, the upper can tighten your feet "lock" inside the shoe. Although there is no boots, but the package is satisfactory. Especially when moving horizontally, the foot is always moving within a reasonable range. Integral tongue to ensure that the wearer in the movement of the tongue will not move, no longer have to worry about the deviation of the tongue and affect the wrapping of shoes.



In addition, Nike Basketball Shoes KD 6 in the end of the use of the front palm Zoom Air plus Max Air cushion with gold, which is what we praised the technology, not only has a good start speed, while in the cushion is also unique. The outsole pattern of the shoe is designed by the Nike Sports Research Institute on the characteristics and pressure analysis of Durant's feet, and this complex multi-layered pattern provides us with a strong traction. The grip of this shoe gives a sense of practicality, no matter how excessive the degree of wear, layers of patterns can be as always as we provide a strong grip.