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After combat Reviews Air Jordan 12 Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 26/09/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 12,


Finally in counter 12 into the playoffs, to the store and asked the clerk 12 directly into the subject goods have not answered there, before the forum, friends say big, I normally wear 42.5 so let's try took the clerk 42, wearing feeling a bit top feet, but did not fasten shoelace, directly for the 42.5, on foot take off your shoes and leave the card, there is no recall has been a long counter to buy the original price of shoes, I feel good.


Remember the playoffs once engraved color is eight years ago, this color is Jordan debut at the 1997 All-Star Game worn, but most people still remember Michael Jordan wore it won the fifth championship . In those years we caught up with ~ AJ Air Jordan 12 shoes doing my part, people and recalled that makes my blood swelling years!



Air Jordan 12 Basketball Shoes upper height determines the lack of flexibility, the same feeling soft uppers, now there is no strong sense of the parcel plastic shoes, personal ankle injury was sustained so afraid of Wei feet, mainly from the parcel 12 laces I put the laces through the top hole, feeling the tightness of the parcel is not enough, people are not at ease. Fixed heel enough for me, run up front feet touch the ground clearly felt in the heel shoes slide, but the ankle was still shackled vamp, so this slide though not have any effect on combat, just feel heart function I can not send my best.


The entire two Air Jordan 12 Basketball Shoes shoe wearing experience is still very good, especially the leather of choice is good, great texture, full leather shoes is to keep the feet, do not want to put people off, walking very briskly no fancy appearance, primitive practical regression basketball shoes most original way, personally I hate plastic shoes, I feel very cheap, although playing very useful, but I do not like, after all, not much playing time, playing a rare yourself handsome little more confident that I buy this pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes point.